In alignment with the South Big Data Innovation Hub program’s goals of promoting collaboration and supporting the cross-pollination of tools, data, and ideas across disciplines and sectors, an HBCU Data Science Consortium (HBCU-DSC) is being proposed. This Consortium seeks to provide an accessible and beneficial platform within the HBCU community that will promote collaboration and support the “cross-pollination” of data analysis tools, data, and ideas across the HBCU community, which is overwhelmingly located in the southern region.


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Jason Black

Jason Black, Ph.D.

Florida A&M University
Tallahassee, Florida

Dr. Jason T. Black is an Associate Professor in Information Systems and Operations Management in the School of Business and Industry at FAMU. Dr. Black’s research interests include business analytics/Big Data, mobile computing, and educational technology. Additionally, Dr. Black is developing a business analytics degree program (B.S.) in the School of Business and Industry, to be launched in Fall 2021. Dr. Black is also a member of the South Big Data Hub and a participant in the NSF DataUp Initiative, as well as an instructor for the Software Carpentry program, which teaches data science-related tools to researchers using interactive teaching strategies.

Velma Latson

Velma Latson, Ph.D.

Bowie State University
Bowie, Maryland

Dr. Velma Latson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Technology & Security (DTS) at Bowie State University. Dr. Latson is the academic coordinator for the department’s Computer Technology Program’s core courses, which include the prerequisite courses required by students in the Data Science/Database Administration track. She has participated in the NSF South Big Data Hub, Keeping Data Science Broad: Bridging the Data Divide Workshop and is a previous member of the Data Science and Analytics (DSA) Faculty Learning Community (FLC) at Bowie State University. Dr. Latson has over 25 years of extensive experience involving teaching, publications, and research on computer technology engineering and information technology.

Ed Person

Ed Pearson, Ph.D.

Alabama A&M
Normal, North Alabama

Dr. Ed Pearson III is an Assistant Professor at Alabama A&M University in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Physical Sciences. Dr. Pearson is also the director of the Cyber and Information Security Research and Outreach Lab. Dr. Pearson’s research combines both cyber/information security and human-computer interaction with emphasis on social engineering and phishing attacks. Dr. Pearson has led a team of student researchers responsible for developing web application tools to improve red team tactics. Dr. Pearson is also working to develop cyber security courses at the graduate level.

Felesia Stukes

Felesia Stukes, Ph.D.

Johnson C. Smith University
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dr. Felesia Stukes is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Johnson C. Smith University located in Charlotte, NC. In 2019, she founded The Social Computing Lab where her research is situated at the intersection of communities and technology, using computer models and data science to explain social phenomena. Her research is also focused on Computer Science (CS) education to find more effective approaches to bring computer science to a wider and more diverse audience. More recently, Dr. Stukes directed an NSF-funded project which enhanced college faculty and K-12 educator knowledge, teaching, and research in Data Science through workshops and industry partnerships.

Alfred Watkins

Alfred Watkins, Ph.D.

Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Al Watkins is Academic Program Director and a Senior Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Morehouse College. Dr. Watkins has conducted collaborative research in Chem-informatics and Bio-informatics, developed Bio-informatics and Advanced Database courses, and guided student research teams under the NSF funded ASPIRE grant. He serves on the Atlanta University Center Data Science Faculty Council which nurtures and supports the growth in Data Science activity at Morehouse College, Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University, and Morehouse School of Medicine.