Introducing and Promoting Data Science in Education and Research at Delaware State University
Dr. Fatima Boukari
Delaware State University

Project Summary:The PI seaks to integrate a workshop on data science into the activities of the summer research program, to promote interdisciplinary data science in various academic programs, and to create an active data science club at Delaware State University.

Alabama State University Premier Analytics and Computing Experience (ASU-PACE)
Dr. Michelle J. Foster
Alabama State University

A new data science curriculum supported by a learning community for faculty and students to impact motivation and engagement of underrepresented minorities. ASU PACE will address psychosocial factors that affect retention and persistence of students from underrepresented groups in computing.

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Designing the Data and the African Diaspora
Dr. Sonya M. Dennis
Morehouse College

This proposal is being submitted to design a course at Morehouse College (MC) in the computer science department entitled “Data and the African Diaspora”. The course introduces students to the field of data science and provides experiential learning techniques on analyzing large datasets.

Seque Toolkit for Data Science
Dr. Courtney Lamar, Clark-Atlanta University
Dr. Lethia S. Jackson, Bowie State University

We plan to develop the “Segue Toolkit for Data Science” which will include:
1. Python Primer: A Python programming language primer that will assist instructors in making the transition from C++ to Python and Java to Python
2. Statistics R & R (Review and Refresh): A statistics primer for basic data analytics
3. Python-based Data Science Activities: A module of activities/lessons that use free, Python-based data science tools such as pandas and matplotlib and free datasets from sources such as Kaggle, ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research), etc.

HBCU Data Science Repository/Collaboration Workspace (HBCU-DASRAC)
Dr. Floran Syler-Woods, Stillman College

We propose the development of a shared HBCU Data Science Repository and Collaboration Workplace (HBCU DASRAC) to address the study of HBCU expertise and resources in the area of data science and identification of the needs for the development of a shared infrastructure between HBCUs as well as indirectly assisting with the development of a guest lecture pool.